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We know that in every home, there are common problems of:: 

*stomach problems like Gas, Acidity, Constipation, Piles, 

*Joint Pain, Body pain (Backache), Frozen Shoulders, Swollen fingers of Hands/Feets, 

*Obesity which the root cause for various diseases,

*Bronchial Asthma which leads to several problems with it,

We do approach doctors for its remedies and some are lucky to get rid of, others continue to face the problems, inspite of big promises, claims and heavy promotions. Patients wish immediate relief from the problems and take medicines which also carry side effects, the effect/s which can cause havoc, if not cared on time.

People are switching to other remedial methods like Ayurveda, Homeaopathy, Yoga and Naturopathy to minimise the risk of side effects. 
We have devoted time and met Ayurvedic Researchers, who have developed and tested their research/s on a number of patients and found their results fruitful. Their moto quick relief from Ayurvedic Medicines became true. Ayurvedic medicines do not carry any side effects.

The following are the products,  for details visit Ghar Ka Vaid-ILaAz page::::::

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