Dr. Malik's SEVARTH BHAV - BREAST Tumor - Fibro Adenoma
DO you know that out of 10, 4 females are suffering from this problem?

That it is tumors, later on become cancer.

That it is common in females of 35-40 years of age.

That timely care (precaution) can avert from Breast CANCER.

That if female is divorcee or widow, she can be easy victim of IT.

*Early periods, shorter and excess bleeding
*Avoiding Breast feeding or early withdrawal of breast feed
*Motherhood at older age
*Avoiding Pregnancy
*Excess use of contraceptives / anti pregnancy products
*Constant Breast hurting
*Wearing tight inner wear (bra)
*Continuous production of White fluid
Female herself can check up by pressing the breast whether fibro-Adenoma (tumor) is not developing OR pain in nipple and some glands are not giving a solid / hard feel to her.

IF the answer is YES, then immediate consult us for timely remedial measures before it convert into BREAST CANCER.

TREATMENT is simple and can save you from falling prey to deadly disease. Your delay can cost you and your family a lot of trouble.

For Appointment call help line: 09310405307 or mail queries to cpccin@gmail.com

We welcome cheritable hospital's management and indivuduals interested in organizing FREE check-up and consultation camps in their location for mass awareness. Our team of Lady Doctors will visit to guide and solve the quarries of the visitors. 

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