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We, presently offer the time tested remedies (Ghar Ka Vaid-Home made) to the following problems and promotions for Healthy Family, Healthy Environment::

TURANNT GAS HAR CHURAN - After seven years of hard research, this Churan has been developed. This Churan releases Gas either from Mouth or from the Anus in just 5-10 minutes of its taking (half spoon) with plain glass of water. Patient get relief from the trouble of Gas, whenever they feel problem, by taking this churan. It helps in improving digetion, and stomach ache. For complete relief from the Gastric problem, patients are requested to avoid junk and spicy food, else they can use it after such meals.

TURANNT ACIDITY HAR CHURAN - This Churan helps relief from the stomach burning (Acidity) in just 5-7 minutes. This also improves digestive system. Regular use of this churan helps in complete relief from the problem. Patients are requested to avoid junk and spicy food for better and early results, else they can take this when one goes for spicy/junk food at night, before going to bed (half spoon of churan with plain glass of water).
KABZ NAASHAK CHURAN Regular use of this herbalized churan surely cure from Old Kabz. One Pudia during night with luke warm water will smoothen your stooling problem from very next day. Patients are requested to avoid spicy and oily junk food for early recovery from the disease.
 PILE's CURE OIL - This oil is developed after great research. Its first application starts giving relief to patient from itching. Initially it is recommended that patients does apply the oil (put 6-7 drops of oil on good/clean cotton and insert that cotton inside the anus), for three to four times a day, for first three days and lateron Patients need  to apply this oil twice a day (first after morning stooling and second before going to bed at night). Regular use of this oil will give permanent relief from the disease. For the comfort of trouble free stooling, patients are requested to take Kabz Nashak Churan and pain relief churan (A combo pack) along with the oil.
 2-DROP JOINT PAIN OIL - Patients need to apply three-five drops of oil on the affected area after cleaning the area  with soft warm wet towel. Do not rub, heat or massage after the application of oil. Relief starts coming within 5-7 minutes. Those suffering from frozen shoulders can also apply for immediate relief. Good for sports persons, old agers.
  BODY REJUVENATING MASSAGE OIL - Elders, Office goers, House wives, Sports persons suffering from neck pain, body pain, back ache, leg pain need to apply this oil gentally on the affected area for immediate relief. Relief comes instant after its application. Clean the affected area with soft warm wet fabric or towel and apply the oil. Wait for 5-7 minutes to absorb and then go for work. 
Its whole body massage can rejuvenate you from week long tiredness. massage body, take sun bath for 30 minutes and then go to bathe.
NERVE SENSATIONAL OIL FOR DIABETS Prevent nerve sensational system, strengthen weakening nerve system and improve blood circulation to whitish feet fingers to safeguard them from AMPUTATION stage. Application - keep feet for ten minutes in warm water, spunch it and apply oil, massage for 5-7 minutes till it gets absorbed. Go to bed after application. Do this practice for three times a week for good results.
 COLD AND SYNUS OIL Made of pure herb extracts, and starts giving results within two minutes of its application on the nostrils. Those suffering from change of weather cold, old patients of sinus, allergic to dust can apply one drop each on outer side of nostrils twice a day (one immediately after bath and second while going to bed). A family product, having no side effects.
 OLD COUGH (KHANSI) RELIEF PAAN Available in sachet and box, helps to get relief from old age cough & Expectoration (balgum) and work as mouth freshner.

Dr. Malik's preparation - herb based capsules having No side effects, No weakness or nausea for Obesity. Assured results. One month's trial pack @650/- also available.


All products are home made from Ayurvedic Herbs and do not carry any side effects. It can be taken along with the prescription of your doctor for add on results.


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