We manufacture Ready to cook Real Almond Soup powder having real crushed Gulbandi Almonds. 

The product is having LOW calories. It is full of Protiens. We have NOT added any essance or preservatives.

It is good for school children and patients to regain strength.
It is a complete family drink to stay healthy.

Restaurents, Hotels, Hospitals, Eatries, Caterers, Office Canteens, Call Centres, Schools, Gyms, Health Clubs and SPAs wishing to offer this product for strength and taste can approach us for supplies.

Those having contacts with service education and hospitality industries can contact us for introducing our product.

Small businessmen wishing to start business with lowest amount to earn handsome by making vending system can fetch FOUR+time the investment and can generate employment for those who do not have investment but can give their time in selling this product in busy areas/market place by selling ready to drink suop in hot cases.

Each 100 ml. ready to drink soup can be served in disposable glasses at AS CHEAP AS Rs.10/- per glass.

We can supply ready to serve soup in hot cases to the Hospitals, Gyms, Health Clubs, Call Centers, Canteens and Schools within Delhi (India). Those intend to serve the soup in their canteen; members or patients can approach us for regular supply.

We welcome franchise enquiries from any part within India. Interested persons / parties willing to take up the opportunity can speak to our Marketing Head during office hours at 09310405307/09213544814 or send us Email at sevarthearning@gmail.com

Importers, Exporters, Traders willing to have our product in bulk quantity to market in their respective areas with their name and logo are requested to contact us / our help line for discussion and appointment.

The investment part and returns::::::::
The powder will cost: Rs.400.00 per kilogram in poly pack. Minimum order: should be 5 Kgs + courier charges Rs.60.00 per kg. within India.
Payment term: by account transfer and delivery will be made within three working days from the date of physical receipt of payment.

RETURN: Every one kg of powder can make 200 glasses of 100 ml. If sold at Rs.10/- per glass, the return comes to Rs.2000/-. Disposable glasses costs Rs.0.50p per glass. If vending, the helper can be paid Rs.100/- per day. The total expense comes to Rs.200.00 + Rs.400.00 soup powder & Rs.60.00 courier charges. The net saving comes to Rs.1340/- from every 200 glasses sold(from one kg powder).

THOSE INTERESTED IN taking Distributorship to further appoint or deliver the powders to the small investors need to invest on stock of minimum 100 Kg. per month and small time investors need to spend on minimum stock of 5 Kg. PLUS courier charges.

Traders / Importers / Exporters need to have a contractual figure to lift per month to market the product with their name and logo.

To discuss, please call.

Rohini, Delhi

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