Ayurveda is the ancient system of treatment in India. People trust and use it for healing diseases. In every house Nanis and Dadis use such formulae for immediate relief thus it is also called as GHAR KA VAID. 

Now Western countries are also switching to Ayurveda as it has no side effects which are in Allopathy. Ayurveda medicines remove the problem from its grass root level, whereas Allopathy only supress or operate.

We know Ayurveda but still go for other system of medicines for quick curing of diseases as we know that the process of treatment in Ayurveda is slow.

BUT now Ayurveda has changed and its process of treatment too have changed from slow to
quick effect.

Ayurvedic Doctors have researched and developed those Ghar Ka Vaid medicines which give immediate relief to the patients now. 

We have approached those Researchers who have  developed such medicines. 

We want to reach the end user (patients) by making the products cheaper and available next door as done by Nanis and Dadis. We are inviting such people who have some time and intention to earn and promote our specific items for specific problems. If you are RETIRED wishing to work from home to earn a good amount by utilizing your free time, a HOUSE WIFE having some free time from house hold chorus and wishing to do something for family needs by exploiting her family / friends, neighbours to promote/sell our genuine and result oriented products,an UN EMPLOYED wishing to work part time till he/she get regular job to make best use of their free time  OR EMPLOYED and have spare time or public contacts, to utilize for extra buck, to meet their needs, can approach us. Their time will pay them too beside satisfying their inner wish to work and earn  for the time spent.

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